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Any driver is eligible to run the pure street class but if driver runs in any upper division at any point during the season he/she cannot return to the pure street class.  This resets every calendar year.


1.  36” of 2” exhaust pipe from the end of the collector is now optional starting 2024 season. Can be bent to clear bars and such but must be solid…NO HOLES…  We will do random checks on this.  Pipes MUST be in place if you go through tech after the race


2. BODY…Stock appearing body for car being claimed.  Hoods may be gutted.  You may use the sheet metal for doors and body panels…MUST HAVE FACTORY BODY LINES…NO FLAT, SQUARE BODIES!!!   MUST MAINTAIN STOCK APPEARANCE…THIS INCLUDES THE NOSE AND TAIL PIECE.  Stock appearing roof, must be in stock location (no lowering).  NO GRACE PERIOD ON THE PURE STREET RULES!! 


All safety and general rules apply.  Firewall may be altered for distributor clearance only if necessary.  No engine set back or offset.  No cut out holes in firewall.  Any bars necessary to ensure rigid frame and radiator protection will be permitted behind the front and rear bumpers provided they do not extend past the body.  Aftermarket nose pieces allowed.  May use 22 or 24 gauge sheet metal deck, it must be open on driver side.  Must have original factory front and rear firewall and floor pan.  No cutting of fender wells except for tire clearance only.  Front inner wheel well panels optional.  Trunk lid may be gutted.  Stop sign post material allowed between front and rear fenders on side of body to protect sheet metal and paint jobs.  Front and rear firewalls must be in stock location.  Stock unaltered floor pan required unless needs repairing due to excessive rust.  Seat must be no more than 24" from center of rearend housing.



No 400 cubic inch engines, dished or flat top pistons only.  Must be GM in GM, Ford in Ford, etc.  No crossbreeding of parts.  No stroked or de-stroked engines allowed.  Stock rods for cubic inch engine used.  Stock production heads.  Double hump heads allowed, VORTECS OK. Effective 2024 season:  Vortec replacement heads with no more than 170 intake runners and 194/150 valves.  No bowtie heads allowed.  If you run a replacement head you will have a 3200lb weight rule.  If you run stock OEM heads with stock casting numbers, your weight limit is 3000lbs.  No porting, polishing or port matching allowed.  Maximum intake valve 1.94, maximum exhaust valve 1.50.  Maximum valve spring diameter 1.26”, no beehive springs allowed.  Stock 2 or 4 barrel steel intake. Effective 2024: You can run any intake, cast iron or aluminum, no high rises allowed nor any type of air gap intake. 


Screw in studs and guide plates allowed.  No roller tip or roller rockers, no stud girdles allowed, no roller lifters, no roller cams or ceramic lifters.  Cam lift at 450 Max.  No carburetor spacers, adapters only. 

New Rule for 2022:  Carburetor claim rule of $300 exchange will be in effect.

Must finish in the top 5 and make claim within 10 minutes of checkered flag.

Holley 4412 carburetor unaltered.  Choke flap can be removed.  No after market distributor, stock distributor ignition only points or HEI, may run high output coil but no ignition box.  Street style headers allowed with 1 5/8” primary tubes.  Aluminum pulleys allowed on crank and water pump only.



Chevy 602 sealed crate motor.  Must run stock 4412 Holley carburetor with a 1” max thickness adapter only. There will be NO weight break for this option. 



Single disc clutch only 10 ½” minimum, no aluminum flywheel.  Stock type flywheel to weigh no less than 14lbs, stock type pressure plate no less than 13lbs.  Stock disc type clutch and flywheel required.  Stock torque converter (13”) required with automatic transmissions  Transmission may have shift kit installed.  ¼” steel plate surrounding stock bell housing or blow proof bell  housing required.  No racing clutches.  



Stock frame for car body used.  Uni-bodies MUST connect front and rear with tubing or use roll cage to strengthen frame, provided they do no extend past the body.



Must be stock as produced by the manufacturer.  Shocks must be in stock location using stock mounts.  No screw jacks.  Racing springs and racing shocks allowed.  Steel shocks only. $300 shock claim on all four shocks.  In order to claim you must have finished on lead lap and claim must be made to the tech man with cash in hand within 10 minutes of checkered flag. Only stock proportioning valves are permitted. After market brake pedals allowed but cannot be adjustable from drivers cockpit. Quick disconnect steering wheel and quick steer ok.  All other steering components must be stock.  No threaded adjustable buckets allowed.  Aftermarket upper A-arms can be run in stock mounted location.



Stock as produced by the manufacturer, except rear end housing may be replaced with an 5 or 6 lug rear end.  Ford 8” or 9” rear end ok (GM included).  Floater rear ends allowed.  Stock suspension must be retained.  Shocks must be in stock location, top and bottom with no shock spacers.  No chains, cables or any sort of suspension device that limits suspension travel front or rear.  No add on traction devices or modifications.  Adjustable shackles and racing springs allowed, no sliders.  No adjustable lowering blocks, aluminum lowering blocks ok.  No heim joints allowed.  Aftermarket bushings will be allowed.  Rear end may be locked.  May use production disc brakes.  No threaded adjustable buckets allowed.  Lower trailing arms must be stock and mounted in stock location as produced from factory.  Lower trailing arm mounts must be mounted equal length on both sides from the bottom of the rear end housing to the center of the bolt hole +/- ¼” and will not vary more than ½” from stock.  Aftermarket rubber or steel trailing arm bushings allowed.



8” steel wheels.  15x8 maximum wheel size.  Bead lock allowed on right side only.  DOT approved passenger street radial tires.  DOT tires cannot be wider than 60 series.  No mud grip tires.  We will allow the H500, AR500 and any G60 tire as well as 8” asphalt pull offs.  8" towel city recaps allowed. Tires can be grooved.

All tires must punch 50 at any time.


Anything not specified will revert back to stock.



We will be running under the UMP rules with the exception of a 5" spoiler and running G60 tires.  Grooving tires is allowed.






This is a beginner class and I want it to stay that way. Rules are going to stay simple, Safey first, and I will be inspecting these cars for that. If there not safe, they will not race. With that out of the way, these cars must remain stock in all areas except gutting the car of the interior and all glass. Motor must remain stock
Transmission must remain stock
No locking of front end
No racing shocks of struts or springs
No computer chips
No racing tires or wheels
No supper charger
All four tires must be the same size

4 cylinder cars only
This is just basic rules for now, but this should be enough to get you started on a car build.
A easy way to look at it, if it didn’t come stock on the car from the factory. Then it’s not legal.
With the price of everything going up, I want this class to stay as affordable as possible. Hope to see y’all this coming season. Get you and some of your buddies and start putting y’all some cars together, and have fun with it. In all the years I raced cars, I have way more memories of nights working in the shop with the guys and the road trips back and forth to the racetrack than I got racing.


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